Synergy Spa Pedicures & Manicures

Your hand and feet may be the parts of your body that are most used. Since they bear the brunt of much of your daily activity, shouldn’t they be two of the areas that you focus on taking care of? Through our relaxing Orleans salon services, we can give your hands and feet a chance to rest and recover.

Our treatment options for hands and feet include the following:

Hand Treatments

Sports manicure …30

Hand and nail conditioning tailored to active men and women.

Manicure …40

Soak, nail repair, skin and nail conditioning, massage and polish.

Spa manicure …50

Manicure enhanced by the addition of nourishing paraffin wax.

Add ORLY Gel to your service …12

A UVA-light cured polish application, designed to last 2 weeks. Available on any of our pedicures or manicures.

Add on French manicure …12

Add ORLY Gel French manicure …17

Add on Parrafin …12

Please allow extra time if you are requesting ORLY Gel. Please also advise Reception if you require removal of existing Gel as this requires extra time.

Foot Treatments

Signature pedicure …65

The definitive pedicure offering detailed skin, nail conditioning and massage. Refreshes and re-energizes mind and soul.

Spa pedicure …77

Signature pedicure enhanced by the healing touch of warm paraffin wax revitalize and nourish dry, tired feet.

Sports pedicure …50

A pedicure custom designed for our clients who put extra stress on their feet from sports or work. Skin detailing, calf massage and conditioning.

During our manicures and pedicures, your hands and feet get a chance to soak. We then shape your nails, moisturize your skin, pamper you with a mini massage, and paint your nails with a color of your choosing. Regular manicures and pedicures are not only restorative, they are a great part of regular grooming that can give you a polished look.

For your signature or spa treatment, contact us at 613-824-5655.