About Us

Pamper yourself through our Orleans salon services for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Located in the heart of Orleans, we offer an environment where you can escape from it all and focus on yourself. We provide a full range of spa services that are aesthetic and relaxing. To make your first appointment, call us at 613-824-5655 today!

Turn to us for the finest in Orleans salon services, including the following:

Escape to Our Exclusive Orleans Sanctuary

At Synergy Spa, we provide you with more than just a service. Since 2002, we have been creating an experience that allows you to rest and regenerate, removing you from the stresses of the outside world. We focus on what your needs are and we personalize our service around this. When you enter our doors you are immediately greeted by our friendly staff and can be whisked away to your calming, refreshing spa service.

Salon Services in Ottawa and Orleans

Our treatments are more than just relaxing; they are beauty enhancing and can be beneficial for your health. In the fast pace of daily life, it can be easy for you to overlook your own needs or to forget to take time to breath. Stressors and insufficient maintenance can wear away at your health and may result in outward signs. Your skin can lose its glow and tension can build up in your muscles. We help your body release tension and provide beauty treatments that help you restore your glow. This can boost your confidence and help you feel your best, rejuvenating you to take on what the rest of your day entails.

For a free consultation on our Orleans spa services, contact us at 613-824-5655.